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Plotter Art™ Print-N-Cut Color Collection



High Quality Digital Artwork for Print-n-Cut Sign Making Systems
100% Vectors Full Color 1,600 Illustrations
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The Plotter Art™ Print-n-Cut Color Collection includes 1,600 beautiful, highly detailed images on DVD-ROM or in a Zip compressed download and a 130 page, full color User Guide and Image Catalog specially prepared for today’s print and cut systems. This is not a vinyl cutter’s collection. Versions for Gerber Edge, Illustrator EPS and CorelDRAW all included.
100% vectors. No strokes or bitmaps. Fully scalable with no loss of quality. Process colors ... No need for chokes or traps.
Highly detailed images with extensive use of gradients and blends which have been enhanced for smooth, banding free printing at large sizes.
Separate, matching cut paths created from the original vector artwork.
Special enriched color versions for Gerber Edge thermal print and cut systems in Gerber PLT format.
Choose the file format best for you from among: Illustrator EPS, Gerber PLT or CorelDRAW CDR.
130 page full color User Guide and Image Catalog makes finding the right image easy.
PAPNC Image Montage
How to Use Print-N-Cut Art Files



Print-N-Cut art files are supplied with a full color vector image on the left and a matching vector cut path on the right.
1. Open or import the art file into your program's workspace.
2. Inspect the print image and make any desired changes that do not affect the size.
3. Inspect the cut path and delete any portions not wanted. Change the attributes of the cut path to match the cut requirements of your program.
4. Insure that the print image and the cut path are each individually grouped.
5. Select both objects and center justify them on both the vertical and horizontal axes.
6. Group the print image and the cut path together.
7. Position the artwork in your layout (if part of a larger layout) and proceed with sizing it or makings any other global changed needed.


In addition to the image files, the Plotter Art™ Print-N-Cut Color Collection includes a 130 page printable User Guide in PDF format suitable for customer use which shows each image in the collection.


Plotter Art™ Print-N-Cut Color Collection is available on DVD-ROM and includes free USPS shipping for U.S. customers only or as a download for all customers worldwide at a savings..



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