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Graphic Services

Making Our World a Better Place . . . One Image at a Time
We are pleased to offer a group of selected graphic services for which the pages to show and describe them are currently in development. These services are best described as being technical in nature rather than artistic or creative and based on having and understanding a lot of the latest versions of software programs. In addition, many of these programs feature the use of artificial intelligence which makes possible services that are efficient to use and produce significant improvements that can be priced very attractively.
For example, we can take a photograph you submit, enlarge it to a size you need, edit, touchup, improve and enhance it as needed changing if from average to eye catching while completing the job and getting it back to you in a short amount of time. Or we can open a file you can't open and send it back to you in a format you can use. On the other hand, we do not offer services such as creation of new art because most of the time we would not be able to provide such a service efficiently or competitively.
In other words, when what you have needs repair or improvement, we're here to help. When what you want needs to be created by an artist, we may not be the ones to do the work.
A partial list of graphic services being offered:
     • File conversion from a format you can't use to one you can use.

     • Image enlargements using the latest technologies.
     • Image editing, touchup, cleanup and enhancement.
     • Modify a photograph to change facial expressions, body size etc.
     • Convert a photograph to a sketch or line art.

     • Job layouts for print, cut or print-and-cut in EPS, PDF, Gerber PLT, Corel CDR or other formats.

     • Typeface identification.

     • Typesetting.

     • Background removal (masking) of images as well as background replacements.
     • Removal of unwanted objects from an image while preserving the background.

     • Creation of custom seamless texture tiles.
     • Any number of other services limited only to your imagination.
A partial list of the programs used regularly:
     • Adobe Photoshop

     • Adobe Illustrator

     • Gerber Omega

     • SAI Flexisign

     • CorelDRAW

     • Astute Graphics Plugins for Adobe Illustrator Including Vector First Aid Automated Vector Cleanup

     • Topaz AI Suite for Image Editing and Enhancement

     • Luminar for Image Editing and Enhancement

     • Topaz AI Gigapixel for Image Enlarging

     • On1 Resize for Image Enlarging

     • Topaz Mask AI

     • Vertus Fluid Mask

     • Filter Forge Seamless Texture Creation

     • Genetica Seamless Texture Creation

     • Find My Font Typeface Identification

     • A Huge Library of First Tier Commercial Fonts
Other stuff to know:
Turnaround time for most services is same or next day.
Pricing is by estimate quote on submission of work request.
Payment by PayPal or major credit card on acceptance of proof(s) and before delivery.
Satisfaction is guaranteed.
Please Contact Us with any questions or if you need any graphic service with which we might be able to help.