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Plotter Art Originals is a collection of 906 black and white lineart images developed especially for computer sign making. Each image has been selected and designed with usefulness for signmaking as the top priority. Once drawn, each image has been digitized at a large size in vectors.

The quality is sharp and tight. Reproduction from tiny prints to large banner sizes will please even the most critical eye. Any of the images can be expected to deliver exceptional results, whether printed, cut, plotted, engraved, routed or machined in a variety of materials. Unlike digital art developed strictly for print, there are no overcuts, ink traps, single line cuts, open shapes, or surplus control points. All images are scaleable with no loss of quality.

The collection is not single themed. There are a variety of topics including:




Domesticated Animals


Fantasy and Historic



Trades and Occupations



Food and Drink

Trees, Plants and Flowers

Holidays and Events

Western & Native American

Industrial & Farm Equipment

Wild Animals


Plotter Art Originals comes to you in Illustrator EPS 3.0 file format, the most widely used, high quality format for signmaking, printing, engraving and various CAD/CAM uses. The files are saved on one CD-ROM for both PC and Macintosh systems. Just open an image file in your favorite program, size it, make any modifications you like, and then cut it or print it. All files are black and white but can be easily changed for multi-color production. In addition to the image files, Plotter Art Originals includes a 56 page printed User Guide, suitable for customer use which shows each image in the collection.

Plotter Art Originals is available on CD-ROM from Allied Computer Graphics, Inc. or from leading software dealers and sign supply distributors.

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Home / Store / Clipart Gallery